What to Expect When You Work with BayView Painting

Full examination of the job site – no coatings are applied until all surfaces have been properly examined and prepared.

Proper product selection, surface preparation and product application.

We remove oil, dust, and dirt, loose rust, peeling paint, mildew or other contamination to ensure good adhesion.

Knots and pitch streaks are scraped, sanded, and spot primed before a full priming coat is applied. We will patch all nail holes and imperfections with a wood filler or putty and sand smooth.

We only use the factory-mixed coatings that you specify. When required, we will mix coatings to correct consistency in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions before application.


Where the manufacturer offers options on primers for a particular surface, we use only the primer categorized as "best” by the manufacturer.

We provide all primers, sealers, cleaning agents, cleaning cloths, sanding materials, and clean-up materials required for your job, per manufacturer’s specifcations.

We only apply coatings and materials within the guidelines contained in the manufacturer’s specifications and we will apply all coatings using methods recommended by the manufacturer.

Regardless of the number of coats specified, we apply as many coats as are necessary for complete hide and uniform appearance.

The coated surface will be inspected and approved by the Owner or Contractor prior to application of the first coat and again after the application of the final coat.

We protect finished coatings from damage until completion of the project.

We touch up damaged coatings after substantial completion, following manufacturer’s recommendation for touch up or repair of damaged coatings. And we repair any defects that will hinder the long-term performance of the coatings.

Proper application of the best products guarantees customer satisfaction with long-term benefits.


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